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Home 4 The Holidays

Home 4 The Holidays
December 12, 2016 '
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Giving HOMES & HOPE with AGAPE.

As you make your HOME ready for this season of peace, comfort & joy, please consider helping Agape continue to provide HOMES & HOPE to homeless single women, moms & kids.   We’ve made it easy to help:  do what you already do, just do it a little differently.

  • When you order on-line, use AmazonSMILE, select Agape Resource & Assistance Center, Inc. as your non-profit of choice. Easy – just follow the link below, use your existing Amazon or Amazon prime account & Agape will get a % of your total order.  TWO X THE GIVING – good all year!
  • Shopping for someone who seems to have everything or is hard to fit? Consider an Agape Honorarium via Agape GivingGrid.   Follow the link below, choose the amount of your honorarium and we will send an Agape Honorarium Card explaining “IN YOUR HONOR – WE’VE GIVEN HOMES & HOPE” for homeless MOMS & KIDS.  Perfect stocking stuffer and one-size-fits all!
  • Need meaningful gifts for kids?  How about a children’s book with a message about blessings?  Agape’s counselor, Mary White, has written a charming & touching story that capsulizes some of the feelings Agape kids have about being homelessness and finding “A PLACE TO CALL HOME.”  A perfect way to engage children with the needs of our community, and Agape will receive a share of the proceeds.

We are so thankful for your support and prayers throughout the year and HOPEyou will share your blessings with AGAPE so homeless women, moms and children may have safe warm homes, compassionate healing support, and be empowered to move towards fulfilling, self-sustaining lives.

Any giving from your heart to ours will be a blessing.



Amazon Smile

Click through to Amazon Smile, select Agape Resource & Assistance Center as your non-profit of choice & complete your on-line holiday shopping using your regular Amazon or Amazon Prime account.

Giving Grid

Click through to the Agape Season of Giving Grid, select an amount for your Agape Honorarium & add the address for Agape to send an Agape Honorarium card celebrating the gift of homes & hope for homeless moms & kids. 

Mary White’s Book

Click through to order Mary White’s “A Place to Call Home“. A children’s story of homes & hope through the eyes of our Agape children who move from homelessness & crisis to lives of hope & promise.