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Did You Know?

Did You Know

Did you know the devastating impact of poverty and homelessness?

It’s more widespread than you think. Poverty and homelessness affect entire communities.

Some Statistics…

there are no emergency shelters and less than 300 shelter/housing beds serving all of Collin County
Over 4,000 people were turned away each year (2012-2015) from Collin County shelters and housing agencies; 75% of those turned away are single women, most with children 10 years old and younger.
Extended stay hotels serve as “homes” on school bus routes.
In the last six years, the percentage of Plano Independent School District children on free/reduced lunch has more than doubled (14% in 2010 vs. 30% in 2016).
Plano Independent School District children identified as homeless has increased nearly five-fold (115 in 2009 vs. >500 in 2016).
Almost all the Agape women are victims of abuse and violence, or some form of human trafficking.
All Agape women come without a support system to help them overcome the oppression of abuse, poverty and homelessness.

Agape provides safe, stable, housing and compassionate support services. Moms and their kids can heal and rebuild their lives, now and for generations to come.


Did you know that you can have a direct impact on solving this problem? Contact Agape to find out ways your donations make a difference.