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November 2017

One size does not fit all: Collin County’s homelessness looks different from other areas 

Many believe that homelessness is not prevalent within Collin County. In reality, some homeless in our community tend to lead seemingly normal lives from the outside looking in.

Read the full article from Plano Star Courier here.


October 2017

The Human Market

Hear the trials one of our women went through while being trafficked. This article shows the real struggles and gives insight into the present, although maybe not seen, trafficking throughout our city and state.

Read the full article by Plano Profile here.

September 2017

What we learned about homelessness in Collin County at the Freedom Forum

Plano Profile writer Alex Cronin attended our Freedom Forum an event focused on bringing the community together and start a conversation on how to be part of the solution to homelessness within Collin County.

Read the full article by Plano Profile here.