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Caring Hearts Charity Golf & Tennis Classic

Thank You Community of Caring Hearts!

Agape is so very honored to receive $67,000 from The Caring Hearts Charity Golf & Tennis Classic – 2016!

Thank you all for supporting the 2016 Caring Hearts Charity Golf & Tennis Classic.

This year’s venue was held at the Brookhaven Country Club.


The Caring Hearts Community’s continued support for Agape enables us to continue expanding and helping women and their children.

Agape will be the beneficiary for The 2017 Charity of Caring Hearts Golf & Tennis Classic.

The 2017 Classic will be held at The Tribute Golf Course in The Colony.

Save The Date: April 28, 2017

The Tribune Golf Course

Visit the Caring Hearts website and see how they are advocates for others. Details about the classic can also be found by contacting Denny Beran.

The Caring Hearts Charity, a 501 (c) 3, established under the name Community of Caring Hearts. They come together as a community for the benefit of those less fortunate. Their charter offers 100% of the net proceeds to transforming charities. Agape is fortunate!

Visit the Sponsor’s Page to see how you can support the classic.